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[Plash] Permissions in .pkg Files

From: Toby Murray
Subject: [Plash] Permissions in .pkg Files
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 17:48:56 +0100


While waxing on .pkg files, is there a plan to allow .pkg files to
specify static permissions to be granted to launched application

It would appear to be useful to be able to grant coarse-grained static
permissions such as
- Access to network (pola-run's --net option)
- Access to X11 (pola-run's --x11 option)
- Access to Record Audio (read access to /dev/dsp or similar)
- Access to Play Audio (write access to /dev/dsp or similar)

Being able to specify that Firefox should have access to the network but
Evince should not seems useful.

Further, being able to say that Rhythmbox should be able to play audio
but that Evince should not would also be useful.

Also, how does Plash interact with D-BUS, which seems to have become a
mandatory service that all GNOME apps require access to these days?

Any information here would be really appreciated.

Many thanks,


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