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[Plash] Plash Package System's 'Pet-id'

From: Toby Murray
Subject: [Plash] Plash Package System's 'Pet-id'
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 15:35:10 +0100

I've got a quick question and request regarding the 'Pet-id' part of the
Plash package tools. It appears as if the 'Pet-id' is used only to
ensure uniqueness of generated .desktop files. Given this, putting the
burden on the user to have to choose a (unique) Pet-id seems
unnecessary. Instead, why not remove this component from the package
file format and instead have plash-pkg-install choose a unique Pet-id
when it comes time to write out the .desktop file -- i.e. so that the
name of the new .desktop file doesn't clash with any pre-existing
files ?

Is there a more long-term reason for why the Pet-id needs to be
explicitly supplied by the user that isn't evident in the current code?



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