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[pigeoncide-devel] Work to be done

From: Juan Pedro Bolívar Puente
Subject: [pigeoncide-devel] Work to be done
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2010 21:23:33 +0200
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Hello mates,

There 13 days to the deadline, so we have to RUSH now. So here is a list
of what have to be done:

- - There are still problems getting the models correctly exported from
Max 2010 to Panda3d. I am working on it with Marc, but any experience on
this task is much thanked. Note to Marc: I have asked the teachers and
they suggested using this:
to get the models into Blender.

- - We needs 2d graphics. Sari, you said that you where going to work on
it after your flat moving, are you doing it? Marc told me that you where
waiting for guidelines. Alberto will send an email specifying what he
needs. What I need is simple:
    * A drawing of a dead pigeon (you make the style) to put next to the
dead pigeon counter.
    * A drawing of a clock to put next the time counter.
    * A drawing of a stick to put next to the stick counter (like the
sticks that build the laser field, it could be a cartoonish version of
the 3d model that you can see in this picture:

The requirements for these indicators are:
    * They should fit in a square canvas.
    * They should be a bit rescalable to different resolutions/sizes. I
suggest using the SVG format.

- - We URGENTLY need a level. Do you know if Ville and Katri are working
on it? I sent an email to them but they have not replied...

We need a level ASAP. I would not delay it more than a week. The problem
is that an alternative version of the level, slightly modified for the
collision detection, must be needed, so we need to have some time to
test it and decide the modifications --the modifications would be
trivial to make, but we first need time to test it. As I said in
previous emails, the "cloud" environment no longer seems a good idea
because we have made some tests and it doesn't look good. It would be
great to have a dark-but-cartoonish (easier to model and texture) model
of Turku's Kauppatori.

Apart from the model, we also need a Skydome. Have you got any
experience in making 3d skydomes? We can get one from the internet if we
are in a hurry, the other tasks are more important, but doing our own
skydome might able us to get a more consistent look.

Please we only have 13 days, so we need to take this email seriously.

Thanks a lot,

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