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[pigeoncide-devel] Last call for things to do

From: Marc Modrow
Subject: [pigeoncide-devel] Last call for things to do
Date: Sun, 06 Dec 2009 21:20:31 +0200
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Hi guys&gal,
As you hopefully have realized I will leave Finland in approx. 2 weeks. So if you want me to do any bigger things on this project this is about the last chance to tell me. Once I'm back in Germany I probably will have a huge lot of other things (e.g. work placement) to do and don't know how far I can participate still. Afaik there are still menu&hud-graphics, menu sounds, voice over and everything about the "illusionary friend/creature" to be done, right? How far is the code yet? Anything to review? Haven't heard of you at least in a month about it. I'd heavily suggest Sari does the voice over-recording, as she suggested her boyfriend+kid as voice actors. Also probably she is best suited to do the 2d graphics. Afaik a classmate of ours will do the level design somewhen within the next 6 weeks (@ Sari: Is that right? Did you have a chance to talk to Katri about this? Does she have the assets?).

So for my department:
Are there animations missing/to be corrected?
Is the music ok, or do you suggest changes/additions? Do we need a 3rd track?
Are the weapons ok?
Are the textures ok? Haven't seen any one but the pigeon in the game engine yet... I don't even have a verification by you, whether the .x-files did work for things like animation & stuff...

In 7 words: Do you need anything from me, now?

My flight goes on the 22nd Dec, so after the 15th Dec or so I probably will have no time to work at least until 2nd week of January and after this everything is up to the conditions of my work placement (got a introduction meeting with my soon-to-be boss on the 8th of Jan.).

Bye, Marc.

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