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[pigeoncide-devel] Problems with the graphics, and others...

From: Juan Pedro Bolívar Puente
Subject: [pigeoncide-devel] Problems with the graphics, and others...
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2009 19:50:19 +0100
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Hello mates,

Now that the coding team is up and running again much work is being
done. The phisics engine is ready which provides very realistics
collisions and so on, and the character can move around, I hope to be
able to render a demo soon.

Still, there are some problems with the graphics that should be addressed:

- - The latest (animated) versions of the 3D models don't show correctly
in Panda. More exactly, they look like "inverted", a really weird
effect. There is a video 'weird-pigeon.ogv' in the trunk/data/test
folder of the developers SVN showing the effect.

I have been able to 'fix' the problem by applying a (-1, -1, -1) scale
on the code, but then, while this "inversion" effect is fixed, the
lights show inverted on the model (probably due to flipped normals...).
Can anyone take a look at this problem and see how to fix it?

- - I am having trouble getting the animations to load properly. I am
still doing investigations on this topic and will give further details
here as I have them...

- - We need a new real level for our game. Thanks to the integration with
the physics engine, arbitrary levels can be loaded and collision
detection directly works... (lets see how this scales as we start to add
tens of pigeons...) so don't feel limited, but think about playability
when doing it.

Marc has been doing a lot and he is now away from his computer for a few
days, so please, Sari, can you address this task (it has been a long
time since we have news from you)?

- - We also need some 2D graphics for the user interface. Can Sari work on
some 2D designs for the menu and the hud?



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