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Re: [pigeoncide-devel] [Pigeoncide] Progress on the CGI-Assets

From: Juan Pedro Bolívar Puente
Subject: Re: [pigeoncide-devel] [Pigeoncide] Progress on the CGI-Assets
Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2009 14:09:56 +0200
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Marc Modrow wrote:
> Hi guys. (Mainly our spaniards^^)
> I created a first staff - the architectural design. uploaded the 2 .x
> files(tip&body), the texture as .png (both models use the same texture
> file - only different areas of it) and a test render from 3dsM as png.
> Also I created a pan and a baseball bat as our first 2 weapons. Same
> here as for the stick (1x .x + 1x.png + preview png each).
> Ville who is doing the boy atm asked if it was possible to merge the
> animation from multiple files, as he seems to have created each
> animation in an individual .max ... would be nice to know for me too.
> How is it going with you guys? We have only about 6 weeks left until the
> project should be done. Any need for UI elements yet? And if so would
> you prefer pixel or vector graphics?
> And any details on the level architecture/technology you'd need? Still
> going for random levels or should we create ready made ones?

Project work deadline is 31.01.10, we still have 10 weeks. The level
technology issues are not resolved yet, so I can't say much on that
side. For the UI vector graphics are better but I don't know if we can
use them directly, but still they could later be exported to a given set
of resolutions. Alberto is working on the menu UI so he will probably
ask what he needs eventually.

Thanks for your work :D

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