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Re: [pigeoncide-devel] [Pigeoncide] Progress on the CGI-Assets

From: Marc Modrow
Subject: Re: [pigeoncide-devel] [Pigeoncide] Progress on the CGI-Assets
Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2009 16:54:37 +0200
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Hmm... Would be nice to find out, whether you can load .eps or such natively in panda. Of not, it would be easier (and probably better looking) if I/we did a very high resolution version in Photoshop and render it down to the needed resolutions. Also nice to know about the late deadline, as my semester here ends at the 19.12.2009 and I'll leave the country on the 22.12.09. So my International Office should be told at least one grade will come late ;)

Also I need to know if the sticks work the way I did the first one. In that case I'd do the vine-like one asap. Also I plan to do 1-2 Weapons today.

Ciao, Marc

P.s. anything you can demo this wednesday? I'd like to see something^^

Juan Pedro Bolívar Puente schrieb:
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Marc Modrow wrote:
Hi guys. (Mainly our spaniards^^)

I created a first staff - the architectural design. uploaded the 2 .x
files(tip&body), the texture as .png (both models use the same texture
file - only different areas of it) and a test render from 3dsM as png.
Also I created a pan and a baseball bat as our first 2 weapons. Same
here as for the stick (1x .x + 1x.png + preview png each).
Ville who is doing the boy atm asked if it was possible to merge the
animation from multiple files, as he seems to have created each
animation in an individual .max ... would be nice to know for me too.
How is it going with you guys? We have only about 6 weeks left until the
project should be done. Any need for UI elements yet? And if so would
you prefer pixel or vector graphics?
And any details on the level architecture/technology you'd need? Still
going for random levels or should we create ready made ones?

Project work deadline is 31.01.10, we still have 10 weeks. The level
technology issues are not resolved yet, so I can't say much on that
side. For the UI vector graphics are better but I don't know if we can
use them directly, but still they could later be exported to a given set
of resolutions. Alberto is working on the menu UI so he will probably
ask what he needs eventually.

Thanks for your work :D

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