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RE: [Partysip-dev] RTP streams not being forwarded

From: Tejasree
Subject: RE: [Partysip-dev] RTP streams not being forwarded
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 17:58:26 +0530

i am new to the usage of partysip and need some help to get going.

My test setup contains a system with dual NICs with IP addresses
(private network) and (LAN network). I have installed party-sip
server on this system.

I have two linphones in different networks - one on and the other
on Now when i make a call from one linphone to the other, the
signaling goes fine and the call gets connected. But there is no audio. I
got to know about but can somebody tell me how to use that script
for forwarding RTP packets in my case.

Thanks in Advance,

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