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Re: [Partysip-dev] Almost-infinite message loop for Invite

From: Gary Corcoran
Subject: Re: [Partysip-dev] Almost-infinite message loop for Invite
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 16:48:40 -0500

Slight correction to previous email:

The code *does* do a lookup for to see if we are
responsible for it, and it *does* find a match.  But, the
fact that a match occurred seems to only short-circuit
the 'sfull' plugin.

It then proceeds to lookup gary1, as described in the previous
email.  That is, it finds it in the local user database as
belonging to, then looks up,
finds it at IP address of .114, and proceeds to "forward"
the Invite to .114 (which is the local machine)...  :(


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