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[Paparazzi-devel] RC link

From: Jaime Rubio
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] RC link
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 00:00:14 -0400


I am having problems with the RC link.

I have everything connected as in the attached figure. I am using a RC Futaba T8FG (14 channels, 2.4GHz), a receiver Futaba R6208SB and the PPM encoder connected to the Yapa.

In the airframe code I have the lines:

    <servo name="THROTTLE" no="3" min="1000" neutral="1000" max="2000"/>
    <servo name="AILERON_LEFT" no="6" min="1000" neutral="1500" max="2000"/>
    <servo name="AILERON_RIGHT" no="1" min="2000" neutral="1500" max="1000"/>
    <servo name="ELEVATOR" no="2" min="2000" neutral="1500" max="1000"/>
    <servo name="RUDDER" no="4" min="1100" neutral="1500" max="1900"/>

  <subsystem name="radio_control" type="ppm"/>

Whereas my radio file is:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!DOCTYPE radio SYSTEM "radio.dtd">
<radio name="cockpitSX (easy)" data_min="900" data_max="2100" sync_min ="5000" sync_max ="15000" pulse_type="POSITIVE">
 <channel ctl="A" function="ROLL"     max="2050" neutral="1500" min="950" average="0"/>
 <channel ctl="B" function="PITCH"    min="2050" neutral="1500" max="950" average="0"/>
 <channel ctl="C" function="THROTTLE" min="1223" neutral="1223" max="2050" average="0"/>
 <channel ctl="D" function="YAW"      min="2050" neutral="1500" max="950" average="0"/>
 <channel ctl="E" function="MODE"    min="950" neutral="1500" max="2050" average="1"/> <!-- Top right switch -->
 <channel ctl="F" function="UNUSED"    min="2050" neutral="1500" max="950" average="1"/> <!-- center slider        -->
 <channel ctl="G" function="GAIN1"     min="2050" neutral="1496" max="948" average="1"/> <!-- top right slider     -->
 <channel ctl="H" function="GAIN2"     min="2050" neutral="1496" max="948" average="1"/> <!-- top right slider     -->

I don't get any response from the autopilot when I switch the mode or move the sticks. Does anybody knows how to fix the problem? I think is coming from the codes since the RC-receiver work together and the PPM led is flashing.


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