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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Discrete power supply for servos and autopilot

From: Tilman Baumann
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Discrete power supply for servos and autopilot
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2012 11:28:14 +0100
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On 05/04/12 11:11, Gareth Roberts wrote:
Hi Tilman,

What about something like this?
Does not quite go low enough I would say.
Buck-boost should be ok as long as you have sufficient filtering on the output.

That was my thought. But you automatically get inductors in your design. I hate sourcing them.

The critical stuff is all fed off the 3.3V reg anyway, which is linear.
Exactly. I will even try to get a smooth 5V supply. For all the other electronics. Telemetry, GPS and so on.
The RC receiver will be pretty noise tolerant as it's designed to run off cheap BECs in ESCs, most of which are switched-mode anyway.

I was thinking 5A 5V unfiltered here. More might perhaps be better, for complex planes with more servos?
What do experienced RC-ler expect from their BEC?

I've used ppz with two cells before, although it usually implies an aircraft so small you wouldn't want a mount like this.
Still, I like the idea to be universal. I will consider Buck-Boost again.

TI has a nice powersupply design tool. I can simulate a lot there.

As for the simplest option:
Looking at this:
you drive the servos seperately from the autopilot normally.
If you close the jumper JP1 you just need to connect 5V straight to the servo side of the Lisa (the BEC in your ESC would do fine, assuming it's a stock Bixler). That way you don't need any external components or additional wiring at all.
I would like to keep them separate.

Diydrones also do something similiar to your proposal w/o electronics:

Hehe, that is exactly where I got the idea from. :)


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