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[Pan-devel] Feature Request: More connections per server

From: Jared
Subject: [Pan-devel] Feature Request: More connections per server
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 18:15:28 -0500

Pan has really come a long way since the last time I've used it.  I'm
very impressed with the changes made, I've switched to using Pan
fulltime as my newsreader.

However, I noticed one thing.  There's a maximum connection limit of 4
connections/server.  I was wondering if you could increase this?  25
would probably be the ideal number, but 10 would be good too if
there's a performance hit involved.

Maximum Connections per server:
Giganews: 10
Astraweb: 25
Usenetserver: 10 8

-Jared Schlicht

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