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Re: [Pan-devel] Patch to restore "Followup and Reply" and "Go/Top of Thr

From: Torstein Sunde
Subject: Re: [Pan-devel] Patch to restore "Followup and Reply" and "Go/Top of Thread"
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 00:26:31 +0200

Charles Kerr wrote:

> However, your patch is not a good idea for 0.14.1:

I agree that it's not a good idea accepting new features until 0.14.1
has been released.

> (1) I don't like the Message-ID filter because nobody will use it.
>     It only makes sense in the context of "watch subthread" and
>     "ignore subthread", so I'd rather make that context explicit by
>     adding those two buttons to the article menu instead.

I agree that watch/ignore subthread would substitute that filter in
most cases, but in some cases a _part_ of the message-ID can identify
an individual using different identities.

BTW, you didn't comment on the "ALL OF"/"ANY OF" option.

Anyway, maybe it would be better to make a scoring dialogue based on
"Custom Filter -> Edit Filter", since nested scoring rules could then
be created through the GUI?

> (2) I *hate* SCREEN_SIZE_ABOVE_SVGA.  A compile-time flag for screen
> size?
>     The space eaten used up by the unneeded Message-ID filter makes
>     the dialog too big, and rather than deal with this problem you've
>     punted it to the RPM builders, who won't know about the
>     compile-time flag, and if they did, would have to be clairvoyant
>     to know what screen size their users have.

Part of the reason for sending the latest patch to pan-devel, instead
of adding it to bug 108566, was that I thought some further discussion
could make sense.  After all, this list is titled "Discussions of Pan
source code hacking".  :-)

SCREEN_SIZE_ABOVE_SVGA was not intended for distributed packages, but
for those who build their private binaries, and for visualising where
spacing had been removed.  When using the patch without setting that
flag, the dialogue actually use fewer rows than the original code,
but I was uncertain if that would be aesthetically acceptable.

> [...]
> (4) Your new strings will not be translated because they're not in
> CVS.

I see a good point there.  However, I just tried starting
with my first message-ID patch under my own language (LANGUAGE=no;
otherwise I use en_GB), and noticed that Message-ID in the scoring
dialogue had actually been translated (pure luck, of course), while
most of the options under the "Post" menu were in English, probably
because of the triple dots ("Reply by Email...") that were added in

> [...]
> * I'll put up on any patch-free RPMs you submit for
> 0.14.1 and beyond.

OK, I'll make a patch-free 0.14.1 RPM, but I'll probably stop
submitting RPMs for the betas.  Mandrake 9.2 is expected within a
month or so, and perhaps I end up ditching Mandrake 8.2 to 9.1
altogether before Pan 0.14.2 is out anyway.

I assume that trivial bugfixes that might arrive before building an
RPM, like bug 119969, aren't a problem?

> * I'll accept a patch if you want to get "watch subthread" and
>   "ignore subthread" into CVS sooner rather than later.

Maybe I'll take a look at it to the weekend.

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