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Re: [Openvortex-dev] Some strange problems using au8830

From: Olivier Brunet
Subject: Re: [Openvortex-dev] Some strange problems using au8830
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 09:37:05 +0200 (CEST)

 > On my AU8830, i noticed that the audio output is
> somewhat low, and
> raising the mixer levels onto maximum causes
> distortion (clipping,
> like electric guitar plain distortion). I would
> recommend to leave the
> mixer volume at a medium level, and amplify it by
> other means (increase
> speaker amp volume). 

Yes it's this kind of distorsion. But the problem is
that it's not here from the begining it seems to come
after some minutes of usage. I say 'seem' because I do
not have enough usage of my freshly built linux system
to be sure.
But during 2 days I use xmms to listen to a shoutcast
radio (128kbps/44khz). After some time (I would say
maybe 15 minutes) the sound quality begin to change.

My current mixer set for PCM and Master are at 94%, I
will try to lower it (but I've already tried that when
the sound was distorded to see if it changes something
with no luck). 

All my sound playback uses KDE's arts if it can helps,
except XMMS which uses /dev/dsp

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