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[OATH-toolkit-help] dynalogin 0.9.4 - working OpenID + HOTP

From: Daniel Pocock
Subject: [OATH-toolkit-help] dynalogin 0.9.4 - working OpenID + HOTP
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 13:22:18 +0100
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As of 0.9.4, dynalogin now provides a complete HOTP / OpenID solution


It is recommended that the OpenID provider is operated on a HTTPS server

The phpMyID code has been adapted to dynamically work with multiple user accounts and OpenID URLs.

An example is provided showing how to configure Apache to host multiple OpenID accounts using this solution:


The previous releases were based on hard-coded usernames and other static configuration data, 0.9.4 generalises the OpenID solution and the dynalogin integration to allow for multi-user solutions.

So far, I've tested this with OpenID logins on Drupal, where it seems to be working.

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