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Re: nmh setup on macos by newbie

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: nmh setup on macos by newbie
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2022 11:53:24 -0500

>    > There are two ways of establishing a TLS connection to a server:
>    > I've suggested the first method in the hope your server supports
>    > that.  If it doesn't seem to, at least on the port you're trying,
>    > then inc has a -tls option which attempts the second method.
>  inc: -tls unknown

Ralph was SLIGHTLY optimistic with his advice.  I didn't implement -tls
for inc for 1.7 because at the time I didn't have access to a POP server
that supported the STLS command (it was implemented post-1.7.1; sigh,
we need a new release).

Most ISPs who run POP servers also support initial TLS on a separate
port (995).  You might try that.

>so for now I use fetchmail to get the mail from 2 ISP's and procmail
>delivers to inbox (and the lists folders) and then mh reads from there
>and sends mail (which works fine with msmtp).
>Should I insist on getting inc to fetch from the remote host? Or is the
>fetchmail setup good enough? (considering that inc would have to fetch
>from 6 email accounts across those 2 domains.)

That's up to you.  Personally I prefer having as few moving parts as
possible and your setup has a lot of pieces.  But plenty of people do
what you do.

>... it seems that inc does not see new mail that procmail 'delivered'
>into inbox - only when I us C-u M-x mh-rmail and choose the inbox folder
>with 'all' do I get to see all mails, including the unread ones.

It is important to understand the purpose of inc; it takes messages from
a maildrop (e.g., a POP server, a spool file) and places them into a MH
mailbox.  As I understand it, you're having procmail copy the messages
directly into a MH mailbox.  That's totally your choice, but if that
is what is happening then of course inc doesn't see them.  They should
be visible with other MH tools (e.g., scan).

>And right now after processing the mail, I have 4 mails that are left
>in the inbox folder (where they should be) but in Dired I can also see
>153 other mails that have a comma prepended to their number filename and
>they are not in the mh-folder view of inbox ...

Comma-prepended filenames are messages that have been removed with rmm.


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