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Re: Export/sync nmh folders to IMAP server

From: Ken Hornstein
Subject: Re: Export/sync nmh folders to IMAP server
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 22:12:15 -0400

>Hm, i rewrote Maildir name things of the MUA i maintain, and
>i found:
>   /* If the seconds part does not work, go deeper.
>    * We use de-facto standard "maildir - E-mail directory" from the Courier
>    * mail server, also used by, e.g., Dovecot: sec.MusecPpid.hostname:2,flags.
>    * However, a different name convention exists which uses
>    * sec.pid_counter.hostname:2,flags.
>    * First go for usec/counter, then pid */

I mean ... I read this paragraph, and I can't help but think it proves my

I acknowledge that the reality on the ground is that a number of MUAs
do use Maildir as a mailbox storage backend, for reasons I cannot grasp.
It does occur to me that maybe a "thin layer" that would be easy to write
for nmh would be to maintain links from a MH-style mailspool to the
appropriate Maildir file.


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