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Re: Bug reported regarding Unicode handling in email address

From: Valdis Klētnieks
Subject: Re: Bug reported regarding Unicode handling in email address
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2021 00:11:12 -0400

On Sun, 13 Jun 2021 19:29:59 -0400, Ken Hornstein said:
> >> What produces the draft when you repl(1) to Ken's, as is the faulty QP
> >> visible to you at the start of the edit?
> >
> >It's displaying correctly inside exmh, but bad in the fcc: to outbox.
> Forgive me for calling you out ... but you did not reply to the first
> part of Ralph's question :-)
> If the answer is, "Okay, it's some lame stuff I hacked together a decade
> ago and I need to go back and fix", fine.  I'm just trying to determine
> if there's a nmh failure here :-)

exmh's handling of that has been broken for essentially forever (at least as
far back as when Brent Welch initially put it in CVS in May 1998), as it
blindly assigned 'charset=iso8859-1' if it spotted a non-ascii character.

It now tags it as utf-8, but it's apparently still stupid about ensuring that
stuff going into the sedit buffer is actually utf-8 and not something else.
cut-n-paste and friends in Tk/Tcl are a Lovecraftian creeping eldritch
horror... :)

As far as nmh goes, I took your original message, replied to it but directed
the reply to me, sent it, and what ended up in my inbox ended in:

00000180 4A756E20 32303231 2031343A 30343A33  36202D30 3430302C 204B656E 
20486F72  *Jun 2021 14:04:36 -0400, Ken Hor*
000001a0 6E737465 696E2073 6169643A 0A3E2063  616E206F 6E6C7920 73617920 
C2AF5C5F  *nstein said:.> can only say ..\_*
000001c0 28E38384 295F2FC2 AF2E0A0A                                             

so it's pretty obviously an exmh-specific problem.. :)

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