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Re: Help with Gmail

From: norm
Subject: Re: Help with Gmail
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 2019 09:27:48 -0800

Ralph Corderoy <address@hidden> writes:

>Hi Norm,
>> So I have to switch to Gmail and therefore have to fetch messages from
>> Gmail to nmh (that is, the maildrop) and send messages to Gmail from
>> nmh.
>Are you still sticking with the dad.org domain name when sending your
>emails, or will you be gaining a new ...@gmail.com email address?

I don't know. Maybe Dave, who set up the account for me knows.

>How do you currently fetch messages so they reach nmh?
>For example, inc(1) has POP3 support, or some use a non-nmh program like
>fetchmail(1).  If we know what you currently use then we can try and
>minimise the changes.

I periodically call fetchmail with:

  fetchmail  --limit $maxSize --limitflush --silent --timeout $timeout -f $file 


my $timeout=300;
my $maxSize=5000000;

and the contents of /root/.fetchmailrc are:

     set logfile = /tmp/fetchmail.log

     poll imap.rawbw.com with protocol IMAP
     user "soft" with pass PASSWORD is "norm" here

     #mda "/usr/lib/sendmail -oem"
     smtphost localhost

where PASSWORD is a string that I don't think I should include in an Email to
a wide audience. It was given to me, a couple decades ago, by my Internet

>> Is there somewhere that the basic ideas of using nmh with Gmail are
>> discussed?
>Well, until those that know better arrive, there's mhlogin(1) that's all
>about gaining the credentials that allow nmh to access Gmail when
>running send(1).  And send's man page briefly mentions Gmail as an aside
>when explaining another feature.  But I think getting from those to a
>working system will need more assistance from this list.
>What's the output of ‘inc -version’ as some features you may need are
>only in later versions of nmh.

     inc -- nmh-1.7.1 built 2018-03-17 14:13:11 +0000 on nad.dad.org

    Norman Shapiro

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