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Re: [nmh-workers] bug report -- message does not go away

From: Edo (Edoardo Biagioni)
Subject: Re: [nmh-workers] bug report -- message does not go away
Date: Mon, 14 May 2018 11:26:50 -1000

Thank you, I didn't realize that the up-to-date programs live in
/usr/bin/mh.  "dpkg -S /usr/bin/prev" shows that /usr/bin/prev wasn't
installed as part of a package, so I expect I moved the files to /usr/bin
myself some time ago (likely 2016, as those are the file dates) in an
attempt to simplify my life -- which seems to have backfired.

Anyway, I have removed the old files from /usr/bin and added /usr/bin/mh
to my path, and now everything works fine.  If I delete the Version:
field from the context file, I get the message just once, then the
Version is added back to the context file and the messages disappear.

So all is well!

aloha and again thank you all for your assistance.


Message <address@hidden> says:
Hi edo,
> > It looks like you need to make sure your MH installation is
> > completely consistent; it looks like stuff in your path is still
> > depending on things in /usr/bin/mh.
> I agree, but I'm not sure where to take this

You've upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 and
says that should be version 1.7.1~RC3-1build1.

    14.04 LTS  trusty  1.5-release-5
    16.04 LTS  xenial  1.6-8build1
    17.10      artful  1.6-16
    18.04 LTS  bionic  1.7.1~RC3-1build1
    18.10      cosmic  1.7.1-1

https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/amd64/nmh/filelist shows it's
installed as /usr/bin/mh/prev, etc., and you have that but also
/usr/bin/prev.  Instead of removing the latter that didn't come from
18.04's package, you mv'd /usr/bin/mh aside as a test.

Find out if /usr/bin/prev comes from a package with `dpkg -S
/usr/bin/prev'.  It probably doesn't and you've polluted your normal
distro area of installed commands with files from a `make install' or
similar and will have to get rid of them, or move them aside, manually
if you don't have a `make uninstall' still available to undo it.  (This
is why local commands are often installed under /usr/local.  GNU stow
can also get migrate to new local versions.)

That `filelist' above will help you find what to hunt down by looking
for the same files, but in different places.  Be careful you don't
remove a file that was originally from `make install' but has since been
trampled by the Ubuntu package.  Or you may want to `purge' the nmh
package, as you did recently, clean up whatever is left over, and then
install it again.

Cheers, Ralph.

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