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Re: [Nmh-workers] Domain Leakage Despite -messageid random.

From: Christer Boräng
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Domain Leakage Despite -messageid random.
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2017 13:00:25 +0100

In message <address@hidden>, Ken Hornstein writes
>>Sounds like an old bug that can be ignored, being XP?
>I'd hope so, but you never know!
>>Other than nmh not making up the header's value as well as it could, I'm
>>not seeing much need to nobble Content-ID by default.  It's not causing
>>little harm, and there's signs other MUAs add it as a header.
>Well, for one it would cut down on the whining from people who are
>complaining that their Content-ID header leaks internal hostnames :-)
>But ... I did some digging. I can't claim my inbox is representative
>... but from what I can see, if you exclude nmh users, the only time I
>see other MUAs generate a Content-ID is when they have text/html part
>and include a image that is referred to by a "cid" URL in the text/html
>content.  Perhaps {al}pine users do generate Content-IDs, but they do so
>only for attachments, NOT for all MIME parts (like we do).
>As for Christer's problem with Content-ID and exmh ... well, I'm an
>exmh user and I haven't noticed that. I'd like to hear more.

No problem.

Here's a redacted email, with some headers removed for brevity. Remove
either Content-ID and I see the main text/plain entry fine, keep both
and I only see a "ÿ" instead of the body. The list footer is visible
in both cases.

I'm still running 2.7.2, so it may well be fixed in later versions...


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