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Re: [Nmh-workers] A script for threading

From: Oliver Kiddle
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] A script for threading
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2006 12:14:14 +0100

Paul Fox wrote:
> it occurred to me yesterday that this script might be quite
> useful (instead of just pretty :-) if it had one simple feature: 
> the ability to add each thread to a separate, temporary, mh
> sequence ("t1", "t2", "t3", ...).  the output would then include

Instead of creating, multiple sequences, I use a script which just
creates a single sequence given a message number to start with. It's a
zsh function I'm afraid. Cut down to the essentials, it is as follows:

  local -a msgs refer ref rep mid
  msgs=( ${@:-cur} )

  ref=( $(scan -width 2048 -format '%{in-reply-to} %{references}' $msgs) )
  mid=( $(scan -width 256 -format '%{message-id}' $msgs) )

  (( $#ref )) && refer=( '--message-id '$^ref )
  (( $#mid )) && refer+=( '--references '$^mid  '--message-id '$^mid
      '--in-reply-to '$^mid )

  pick ${=${(j: -or :)refer}}

Handling common subjects is a bit more messy because this relies on
doing word-splitting which would cut a typical subject field into many

We could perhaps add a -thread option to pick which does this.


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