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Re: [Nmh-workers] Three simple questions

From: Ronald F. Guilmette
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Three simple questions
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 13:16:22 -0800

In message <address@hidden>, you wrote:

>>#1) What is the current status of the nmh project?  It appears to me from
>>looking at the various dates shown on:
>>    http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/nmh/
>>that this project may have been dead for a long long time now.  Is that
>A "long long" time?  The last news was in September.  I don't consider
>4 months "long long" by any stretch of the imagination.

Sorry.  I stand corrected.

>Anyway ... as it has been discussed on the list previously, I had
>a new release candidate ready to go, and then Savannah got broken into.
>It didn't come back until I was already away on Christmas vacation.
>I'm on a business trip this week.

Do you need secure hosting? 

I can host this stuff on a very secure FreeBSD system right here for
you for nothing if you like.  Just ask.

>>#2)  Where/how can I obtain the last/latest 1.1 pre-release candidate
>>tar ball?  I tried to obtain it via the page listed above, but that page
>>seems to have a LOT of broken links, and I never did find the file.
>A _lot_?  Could you give examples, please?

Well, at the top, there is a bar and it has a "files" link, and that is
busted.  And also the "Filelist (download area)" link is busted.

Again, I apologize and stand corrected.  It isn't a ``lot'' of links
that are busted... just all of the ones that would have been useful
to me personally.

>purged it's download area, and that's why the Filelist link is
>broken, but from my checking, that's the only one.  I don't really
>feel that one is our fault.  If you want the latest pre-release
>candidate, I can send it to you privately.

Please do.  Thanks.

If it is bigger than 1 MB as an e-mail message, then let me know and
I'll tell you where you can FTP it to instead.

>>#3)  Does any version of nmh support SMTP Authentication (a la RFC 2554)
>>for outgoing mail?  (I need this feature rather badly.)
>Yes, it will use the Cyrus-SASL library and thus use any mechanisms
>that Cyrus-SASL supports.  Same for POP.

Great!  Thanks.

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