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[Nmh-workers] Three simple questions

From: Ronald F. Guilmette
Subject: [Nmh-workers] Three simple questions
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 11:17:14 -0800


#1) What is the current status of the nmh project?  It appears to me from
looking at the various dates shown on:


that this project may have been dead for a long long time now.  Is that

#2)  Where/how can I obtain the last/latest 1.1 pre-release candidate
tar ball?  I tried to obtain it via the page listed above, but that page
seems to have a LOT of broken links, and I never did find the file.

#3)  Does any version of nmh support SMTP Authentication (a la RFC 2554)
for outgoing mail?  (I need this feature rather badly.)

Thanks in advance for any answers.  Please e-mail me privately, as I am
not actually subscribed to this list.  thanks.

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