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[Nel] // better questions on zone_lighter.exe //

From: Your Name
Subject: [Nel] // better questions on zone_lighter.exe //
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 14:06:18 +0000

ok here's another way of putting it.

this time i try to simply run the top level built *.bat: 

it goes through the database and processes the data, however when it 
gets to zone lighting it fails like this:


--- Zone lighting
Thu Oct 30 14:48:50 WEST 2003
LIGHT ../zone/zone_welded/8_AN.zonew
Compute time: 359 ms

LIGHT ../zone/zone_welded/8_AO.zonew
Compute time: 359 ms

ls: zone_lighted/*.[zZ][oO][nN][eE][lL]: No such file or directory


in other words it doesn't process the *.zonew into a *.zonel.

however, if i run the zone_lighter_rd.exe directly i get mroe verbose 
output of course. this time i am told that the zone_lighter.exe can't 
find the values for sun_center, sun_radius, sun_fov etc all of which 
are in your default properties.cfg [referenced from a version called 
zone_lighter_dependencies.cfg that zone_lighter writes into the 
zone_light/ directory. i know it's referencing this file, because when 
i remove it, zone_lighter tells me it's missing. it seems to have no 
problem finding the values up until this point. none of those values 
are in the properties.cfg and at a certain point i don't know what they 
are supposed to look like [quad_grid_cell_size for instance].

obviously it is running SKIP when it doesn't find these values and 

so what to do? why is it not processing the zonew into zonel? and am i 
supposed to put these strange values into the properties.cfg myself?

thanks for any help, the answer may be *totally* obvious. confusing 
because the old zone_lighter.exe works fine!

julian oliver

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