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[Nel] // new properties.cfg //

From: julian
Subject: [Nel] // new properties.cfg //
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 12:13:09 +0100

hi we have a big deadline to present our NeL application at a conference in 
Utrecht and are having problems with the new [latest CVS] tools.

we are at the final stage of exporting our zone using the zone_lighter.exe. 
when i run the zone_lighter_rd.exe to get a verbose output of why it skips and 
doesn't write the *.zonel file i see that it's requesting a variety of _new_ 
variables in order to light the zone.

in other words, the example properties.cfg is missing variables that 
zone_lighter.exe needs to do it's work. starting with sun_center you can see 
these in the zone_lighter.cpp file.

doesn't anyone have an example properties.cfg [relevant to the new zone_lighter 
tool] we can look at to see what the variables actually need to look like? 
we're kind of trying blind here as some of them are quite obscure after the sun 
related stuff.

were using zone_lighter.exe directly as ./3_build.bat in the zone/ folder only 
seems to process *.zone >  *.zonew and doesn't carry through to writing the 
final *.zonel.

cheers, help appreciated.. and can you mail me directly if possible?

julian oliver


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