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[Nel] Nel compilation with Visual C

From: guillaume bataille
Subject: [Nel] Nel compilation with Visual C
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 12:10:01 +0100


The objective of this mail is :

1. to provide to new users informations they should more or less find in the 
mailing list repository,

2. to centralize efforts for VC7 compilation attempts.

At first these considerations have been done by using WindowsXP, Visual Net 
7.1(2003) and Visual Studio 6 with service pack 4 & 5.

1. Currently nel source code compiles properly only with Visual Studio 6 + 
service pack 4 + processor pack for service pack 4. Service pack 5 attempts 
will issue to a compilation problem relative to asm instructions (memory boost 
& xmm0). 

Source files are unix-formatted. Convert them after uncompression by using 
unix2dos :

A file is missing generally in your visual subdirectories : glext.h. You will 
find it here :
Search where gl.h is on your hard drive then add glext.h to this directory.

You need as well all the libs indicated in the INSTALL file of the 
contribution. They all must be declared through the "option" choice of the 
"tools" menu of Visual. They must be entered in a specific order or it won't 
compile. Microsoft lines must appear after stlport declarations or stl used by 
VC will be the microsoft version and nel supports only stlport.

For 'include' directories you have to add, more or less considering needings :

*\creative labs\eax 2.0 extensions sdk\include
*\creative labs\openal 1.0 sdk\include

For 'library' directories :
*\creative labs\eax 2.0 extensions sdk\libs
*\creative labs\openal 1.0 sdk\libs

Nel should compile with this.

2. This is a fact that VC7 doesn't have the same compiler than VC6. Matters 
seem to come particularly from explicit specialization of template classes.

Guillaume Bataille
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