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RE: [Nel] Nel compilation with Visual C

From: Vianney Lecroart
Subject: RE: [Nel] Nel compilation with Visual C
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 11:39:01 +0200

Hello Guillaume,

Thank you for you mail. I just want to add a little information here:

> 1. Currently nel source code compiles properly only with Visual Studio
6 +
> service pack 4 + processor pack for service pack 4. Service pack 5
> attempts will issue to a compilation problem relative to asm
> (memory boost & xmm0).

At Nevrax, we all use visual C++ 6.0 with Service pack 5 and Processor
pack without any problem.

> Source files are unix-formatted. Convert them after uncompression by
> unix2dos :

Using WinCVS with default options, unix-formatted source files are
automatically converted into dos format on the local computer.

> A file is missing generally in your visual subdirectories : glext.h.
> will find it here :
> Search where gl.h is on your hard drive then add glext.h to this
> directory.

This information is already in the INSTALL file with lot of more useful
link and information.

> *\stlport\src
This include directory doesn't have to be included.

> 2. This is a fact that VC7 doesn't have the same compiler than VC6.
> Matters seem to come particularly from explicit specialization of
> classes.

If anybody has a patch for VC7, we'll be glad to add it.


Vianney Lecroart

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