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RE: [Nel] Problems with paint plugin for 3dsmax

From: Martin Schlingmann
Subject: RE: [Nel] Problems with paint plugin for 3dsmax
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 15:44:15 +0200

We have the same problem.
Everything else works, we got the landscape thru.. but no painting.... :(
Also the ligoscape plugins cannot be compiled using the 5.1 sdk, (just made a fast test) but I think that's pretty easy to solve.
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Sent: den 21 april 2003 09:34
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Subject: [Nel] Problems with paint plugin for 3dsmax

For info i'm using 3dsmax 5.1 with cs 4.
The only plugins that produces error is the paint plugin, after loading the tile bank(after converting the patches), when i select the patch object and click on paint i got an nlassert error poping:
A failed assertion occurs
ProcName: 3dsmax.exe
Date: 2003/04/21 09:12:11
File: H:\NeL\code\nel\tools\3d\plugin_max\nel_patch_lib\nel_patch_mesh.cpp
Line: 1281
Reason: "0"
Here is the simple function where the assert is:
int WhereIsTheEdge (int nPatch, int nEdge, const PatchMesh& patch)
 for (int i=0; i<4; i++)
  if ((patch.patches[nPatch].edge[i])==nEdge)
   return i;
 nlassert (0);
 return -1;
I really can't figure out how to fix this, so any help is welcome.

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