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[Nel] Problems with paint plugin for 3dsmax

From: Reverser
Subject: [Nel] Problems with paint plugin for 3dsmax
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 09:34:03 +0200

For info i'm using 3dsmax 5.1 with cs 4.
The only plugins that produces error is the paint plugin, after loading the tile bank(after converting the patches), when i select the patch object and click on paint i got an nlassert error poping:
A failed assertion occurs
ProcName: 3dsmax.exe
Date: 2003/04/21 09:12:11
File: H:\NeL\code\nel\tools\3d\plugin_max\nel_patch_lib\nel_patch_mesh.cpp
Line: 1281
Reason: "0"
Here is the simple function where the assert is:
int WhereIsTheEdge (int nPatch, int nEdge, const PatchMesh& patch)
 for (int i=0; i<4; i++)
  if ((patch.patches[nPatch].edge[i])==nEdge)
   return i;
 nlassert (0);
 return -1;
I really can't figure out how to fix this, so any help is welcome.

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