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Re: [Nano-devel] Please consider adding the attached syntax file

From: Benno Schulenberg
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] Please consider adding the attached syntax file
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2019 20:05:54 +0200
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Op 11-08-19 om 21:24 schreef Marc Ihm:
> could you please consider adding the attached syntax file, which adds to nano 
> support for editing yabasic-programs (

Ehm...  No, I won't add it.  On how many Unixy systems will one find
Yabasic files?  Almost none.  Burdening all users of nano with a syntax
that only a minutely small amount of people have any use for, is not a
good idea.

And looking at, it appears that the
yabasic package itself already includes the yabasic.nanorc file.  That
is the right place for such a file, and if yabasic's install script is
clever enough, it could even install the file in the right place, and
things would work out of the box if the user uses the glob suggested
in the example nanorc file.

> The file is subject to the MIT-Licens, it has been created by Stephan Müsse.

Ah.  No.  Any file that wants to be included in the nano package needs
to be GPL'ed, version three or later.

> Myself I am the author of yabasic and have the same file in the contrib
> directory of my sources. However, placing it directly in nano would be much
> better.

I disagree with the latter.

> Please apologize, that I try to avoid a proper pull-request :-)

No, the proper way to get something into nano is to send a patch.  :)
I vaguely know what a pull request is, but we don't work with them.

> # uncomment the following two lines if using relatively new versions of GNU
> nano. # if something goes wrong, there will be a hint when starting nano.

This comment seems wrong as the two succeeding lines are already uncommented.

> comment "//"
> comment "REM"

It does not make sense to have two 'comment' commands in one syntax.
The latter one overrides the first.

And probably you want the comment command to be:

  comment "REM "

with a space after the REM.

By the way, the yabasic website is strange.  Going to
and then clicking on the history link in the "Yabasic in a Nutshell" section,
and then typing Ctrl++ (in Firefox) to increase the letter sizing to 110%,
the last lines of the "Execution of a program" section are not on the screen
and cannot be scrolled to.  Only after typing <Alt+Left> and <Alt+Right> can
one scroll to the bottom of the page.  (At least for me, on a small laptop.)


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