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[Nano-devel] [PATCH] "unbind M-Space all" in rcfile changes behaviour of

From: Rishabh Dave
Subject: [Nano-devel] [PATCH] "unbind M-Space all" in rcfile changes behaviour of Ctrl-Left
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2016 23:36:03 +0530


Link to the bug - I have come up
with two solutions. I tried them (for sanity checking the idea). So,
two patches are attached, one per solution.

First one, we execute function little after we recognize controlleft
and controlright. But the problem is value to be returned from
parse_kbinput() to do_input() (via get_kbinput()). Returning keycode
leads to "Unbound key" error message (we can avoid the message by
looking for controlleft and controlright in unbound_key() and do
nothing in that case, but not elegant i suppose). In attached patch, I
have returned ERR instead because we use same/similar mechanism while
executing shortcuts with mouse clicks.

Second one is to have new, independent entries in sclist for ^Left and
^Right. But this one was troublesome because in get_shortcut() we only
look for look at keycode, menu and meta_key's boolean value. As a
result, unbinding ^Space is ineffective. (Not the same for M-Space as
its meta_key is true in contrast to ^Left).

I have considered only controlleft and controlright. Should we
consider others (like controlright, shiftcontrolleft)?

And... am I being too slow?

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