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Re: [Nano-devel] status of patches

From: Jordi Mallach
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] status of patches
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 20:50:09 +0100
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On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 10:53:24AM -0800, David Lawrence Ramsey wrote:
> I meant to send this a bit sooner, but I've been busy again.  Sorry for
> the delay.

I have applied the nanohupterm and nanodollar patches to
nano_1_2_branch. David, if you can check that I didn't miss any bit and
that the ChangeLog entries are sane, it'd be great.

I need to do a nano upload real soon now, so I'll probably include the
dollar patch too.

> This patch adds the ability to prompt if the user attempts to save the
> current file under a different name, as Jean-Philippe Guérard requested
> awhile ago.  Setting i to 1 if the user is neither overwriting an
> existing file or saving a file under a new name is a bit weird, but I've
> been testing it for awhile and it seems to work just fine, and, besides,
> setting i to 1 eliminates the need for a duplicate test for i's being 0
> or -1 after being assigned the result of do_yesno().

Oh, I had missed this one. Nice! Whenever it goes into HEAD, I'll mark
the Debian bug as "fixed-upstream".

> This adds a check for glib 2.x in, so that systems that
> lack snprintf() and have glib 2.x can use that instead of glib 1.2.x. 
> If glib 2.x isn't found, it'll check for glib 1.2.x as usual.  I've
> tested this by editing to fail the snprintf()
> test, and it seems to work.  However, I made 2.0.0 the minimum version
> of glib just for testing purposes; what would be a good minimum version
> for working purposes?  Needs a changelog entry.

I think 2.0.0 should be good enough.

As for the rest of the patches: wow, I wasn't aware we had so much stuff
floating. That's excellent!

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