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[Nano-devel] status of patches

From: David Lawrence Ramsey
Subject: [Nano-devel] status of patches
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 10:53:24 -0800 (PST)

I meant to send this a bit sooner, but I've been busy again.  Sorry for
the delay.

The only changes to this patch have been to keep it in sync with CVS. 
It still works as well as ever.  Needs a changelog entry.

An attempted fix for the infinite loop caused when doing a forward regex
replace-all of "$".  It seems to work in my preliminary testing, but I
need to test it more to make sure.

This patch adds the ability to prompt if the user attempts to save the
current file under a different name, as Jean-Philippe Guérard requested
awhile ago.  Setting i to 1 if the user is neither overwriting an
existing file or saving a file under a new name is a bit weird, but I've
been testing it for awhile and it seems to work just fine, and, besides,
setting i to 1 eliminates the need for a duplicate test for i's being 0
or -1 after being assigned the result of do_yesno().

This adds a check for glib 2.x in, so that systems that
lack snprintf() and have glib 2.x can use that instead of glib 1.2.x. 
If glib 2.x isn't found, it'll check for glib 1.2.x as usual.  I've
tested this by editing to fail the snprintf()
test, and it seems to work.  However, I made 2.0.0 the minimum version
of glib just for testing purposes; what would be a good minimum version
for working purposes?  Needs a changelog entry.

The only changes to this patch have been to keep it in sync with CVS. 
It still works as well as ever.

nanomiscbugs3a.patch with the ability to display user-specified
characters for spaces and the beginnings of tabs, adapted from Mike
Frysinger's patch to do the same from awhile back.  I've made it so the
characters can only be specified in the nanorc entry "spacers" as a
two-character string (since, like the "punct" and "closepunct" options
also in the patch, it's a sufficiently advanced option and keeping it in
the nanorc keeps things simple), and put the relevant code to display
the spacer characters in display_string().  This means, however, that
all routines that use display_string() are affected, which is of course
much more than just the edit window, so this patch still needs some
work.  (It could be solved by making display_string() take an extra
parameter indicating whether it should use the user-specified spacers or
not, but that seems too ugly to me.)

Not much new here.  I've fixed a few minor bugs (constant cursor
position display wasn't updated after inserting characters verbatim,
clicking on the extreme edge of e. g. the main shortcut list with the
mouse would trigger the 13th and 14th shortcuts when it shouldn't have)
in this patch, and merged a few of DB's minor tweaks for the affected
code in as well, and it still seems to work well.

I unfortunately forgot to update for the 1.3 branch before
the 1.3.0 release.  This patch appears to fix that.  I've tested it by
temporarily installing RPM on my box and building an RPM using
nano.spec, the latter of which does work.  However, I'd like to verify
that it works on a native RPM-based system, so would someone with such a
system who can build the CVS mind making sure that it works?  Thanks. 
(By the way, is there a reason that faq.html isn't included in the
documentation list in the current  I've added it in the
patch for the time being.)  Needs a changelog entry.

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