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[Nano-devel] patch updates

From: David Lawrence Ramsey
Subject: [Nano-devel] patch updates
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 12:24:22 -0800 (PST)

(Note: All my patches are now sync'ed with CVS, as well.)

nanodocs.patch: fix problem, introduced during my
forward-porting it to 1.1.12, where the <title> tag was
duplicated, thus breaking HTML 4.01 Transitional
compliancy; also remove an extraneous space from

nanomiscbugs2a.patch: new variant of nanomiscbugs2.patch;
the only change is a tweak to justify_format() to remove
all extraneous whitespace from the ends of the lines of
justified paragraphs; nanomiscbugs2.patch itself is
unchanged except for the sync with CVS

(Rationale for this: Having extraneous whitespace on the
end of lines just wastes space in a lot of cases.  Having
to remove it via a regex replacement of " *$" with "" can
get annoying.  In the bulk of cases, this is still as
compatible with Pico as nano's current justification is,
i.e. mostly.  Or is this too controversial?  It's only a
deletion of two lines of code when compared to
nanomiscbugs2.patch, not counting the comment and
Changelog changes.)

nanongettext2.patch: put online for the time being, until
it's verified that the fix actually works this time

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