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[Nano-devel] TODO list

From: Ken Tyler
Subject: [Nano-devel] TODO list
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 10:40:29 +1000


Just had a look at the TODO list and it's getting a bit short. There's
nothing left for 1.2, nothing at all for 1.3, three (possibly tricky!)
things for 1.4.

Just so we don't get bored I have a couple of suggestions.

First would be some sort of marks or tags for quick access to various
places in a file.  Something along the lines of Cntrl-Shift-num (or
Cntrl-Shift-Fn) marks a place and Cntrl-num (or Cntrl-num) finds it again.

Next would be support for finding function definitions in a file.  A
possible implementation would be to add another ctrl key to the search
menu that runs ctags on the current file (or a tmp if moddified, or
pipe?), collect ctags' output in to one of my history lists (TM) and then
use the cursor up/down arrows to select a function name to goto. That
function name would be added to the search history to find invocations of
the function.

Another would be saving the search and replace histories on nano exit,
then loading on the next use nano use - but getting ahead of myself here.


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