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Re: [Nano-devel] Old patch, updated to new CVS.

From: David Lawrence Ramsey
Subject: Re: [Nano-devel] Old patch, updated to new CVS.
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 19:59:14 -0700 (PDT)

--- David Lawrence Ramsey <address@hidden> wrote:
>David Benbennick:
>>There is a new patch at
>> that fixes
>>this problem and some others.  (operatingdir keyword in
>>the nanorc didn't chdir(), and an operating directory of
>>/ was incorrectly treated like a non-existant operating
>Thanks.  I have one question, though.  How is treating an
>operating directory of / like a nonexistent operating
>directory incorrect, since / is the top directory of the
>filesystem?  The reason I treated it like that was because
>it seemed redundant to block users from going higher than
>/ via the operating directory code when they already are
>blocked from doing so by the filesystem limits.

Never mind; I've figured out why.  You wouldn't start in /
if the operating directory weren't set; it could be
accomplished by a minor hack, but that would be inelegant.
I'm testing your new version now; it's working fine in
preliminary tests.

I've of course updated my usual 3 patches again;
nanoproto.patch is synced with CVS and has a few minor
bugfixes added (when inserting command execution output in
view mode, don't set the modification flag; disable the
new multibuffer toggle in the insert file menu if view
mode and multibuffer mode are both on; make sure the
toggle works properly when toggling in the middle of the
prompt), nanoquote31a.patch is synced with your changes up
to quote33, and nanopara2.patch has a minor change to one
of its shortcut names.

I still can't quite figure out how the one segfault is
occurring.  It only occurs when I have multibuffers turned
on, insert the /usr/bin/elvis binary from Slackware 8.1,
and then close the window; the typescript against
nano-1.1.10-cvs vanilla is attached (and no, I don't yet
understand how it's connected to accessing the shortcuts).
For right now, since it's an apparently rare bug, I'll go
ahead with the testing for nanoproto.h and get that in;
afterwards, I'll get back to this.

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