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[Mustux-devel] Re: [Protux-devel] SCO crap

From: Luciano Giordana
Subject: [Mustux-devel] Re: [Protux-devel] SCO crap
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 17:06:43 -0300
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Agree, so let's post a official position in the web site then.

here is my suggestion (please review my english if possible)

Regarding Mustux Project and the Attacks to the Free Software Community.

As long as Mustux Project team are deeply involved in developing and promoting 
Free Software by the means that Free Software Foundation stabilishes, 
we completely disagree with the recent attacks promoted by SCO. In this sense, 
we would like to state that our work will continue blindly, following all
FSF resolutions, even if the Linux kernel needs to be forked in order to clean 
the claimed SCO's code inside it, in case of all these allegation get proof.
Also, since ALSA modules would not be deeply affected by such forking, we are 
sure that a set-back in Linux kernel development will not have a noticeable 
impact on our work.

We also would like to state that we dont agree with the preventive extortion 
that SCO is pushing into the community. 
We hope that this irresponsability ceases soon, and SCO become a footnote on 
Free Software history.

All Mustux applications will remain under the GPL, but as a measure of 
repugnition on SCO's acts, we are ceasing all informal and formal support for 
Mustux Applications running in any SCO's products, including United Linux (as 
long as SCO are part of the consortium) and Caldera Linux. We encourage Mustux 
Application users (such Protux) that migrate to other GNU/Linux distributions. 

We also alert GNU/Linux/Mustux users to NOT to give any money to SCO. Instead, 
consider donating such money to FSF to help them defend the GPL in courts in 
case needed.

The Mustux Project Team.


On Wednesday 23 July 2003 04:37 pm, rsff wrote:
> Perhaps the best option is to restate our commitment to the GPL, and say
> that in case Linux ceases to be GPL, work will continue based on the
> direction that the FSF choses as a Replacement of Fork o Linux. Either
> way. Making a ALSA Daemon for HURD shouldn't be very hard, considering
> its design.

Best Regards
Luciano Giordana - Musician - Certified Java/GNU C++ Developer - Free Software 
Project Mustux -
-- GNU/Linux adoption grew 65% only this yer. Smile : we're winning. --

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