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[Mustux-devel] Re: [Protux-devel] SCO crap

From: Luciano Giordana
Subject: [Mustux-devel] Re: [Protux-devel] SCO crap
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 21:00:43 -0300
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I know, there no explicit links between mustux and SCO crap, but there is a 
indirect one : *IF* ( I am sure it wont) Linux becomes SCO's in the future, 
ALSA will be part of proprietary product,
so Protux and all libmustux dependent applications would depend on a 
proprietary product.

Unless ALSA become something like AHURSA (Advanced Hurd Sound Architeture) ( 
;-) ), I suggest that 
we explict say in our web site that our work will continue based on the fact 
that the code reffered to be
SCO's (JFS, RCU and the other I forgot right now ) HAS NOTHING to do with ALSA 
, nor libmustux. So
in a such situation, Linux would surely fork and clean all SCO crap, letting 
ALSA keep being developed (so libmustux and all mustux applications )

in few words, all linux parts that involve us are not part of this mess, so , 
in the worse situation, it would be just a matter of forking linux, removing 
SCO crap , and keep going.

Also, I suggest to suggest ALSA developers to consider a port of ALSA to HURD 
in the future, so we open the chances to stay alive in the future.


On Tuesday 22 July 2003 08:39 pm, rsff wrote:
> I agree.
> SCO is full of crap. but how should we position ourselves? Although from
> what I understood the problem isn't Linux itself. Anyway, I'll sign
> whatever your guys come up with.
> Fabio.

Best Regards
Luciano Giordana - Musician - Certified Java/GNU C++ Developer - Free Software 
Project Mustux -
-- GNU/Linux adoption grew 65% only this yer. Smile : we're winning. --

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