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every cron cycles

From: Robert Ehrenleitner
Subject: every cron cycles
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2019 11:50:22 +0200

I am not sure if I missed a thing, but the document says, that the syntax of the "every" keyword is either:
every NUM cycles
every CRON
However, I want a service to be monitored between, say, 7 am and 6 pm every 5 cycles.
Is there something like
every "0 7-18 * * *" 5 cycles
(according to the documentation, this is not syntactically correct).
I already tried simply putting the "every" keyword multiple times:
every "9 7-17 * * *"
every 5 cycles
which make monit reject the configuration file.
If there is really no chance in configuring this, it would be nice to see it put on the roadmap for the next release.

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