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Config generrator/templating

From: David Jones
Subject: Config generrator/templating
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2019 04:09:47 +0000

Anyone know of a config file generator or templating system for monit?  I created my own scripts to run from cron that would detect items to be monitored dynamically.

For example, if someone installs a new package like mariadb on a server, the script would detect the PID file or use "monit procmatch" to create/update /etc/monit.d/mariadb.cfg.  Or if someone creates a new /etc/swatch.d/example.conf then add/update the /etc/monit.d/swatch.cfg.

This dynamic updating capability is very useful.  Maybe this could be done with a simple verb option that would allow for something like "depends on" but doesn't cause an error.  This would simple not load sections and their dependents when a check fails.

check process mariadb_proc with path /var/run/
    active when exec "/bin/rpm -q mariadb-server"

check file mariadb_my_cnf with path /etc/my.cnf
    depends on mariadb_proc

Then the first process won't load when the package isn't installed and the second file won't error because it depends on the first.  I don't want to use the unmonitor and have a hundred items in the "monitor summary" output.

Also, I scripted a generator for /etc/monit.d/filesystems.cfg that will automatically monitor all local filesystems with different thresholds based on the size of the volume.  Smaller filesystems will get the standard 90% used threshold but larger ones in the hundreds of GBs  or TBs will hae a 95% or 98% threshold


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