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Configuring a warning using a shell script

From: Jason Levitt
Subject: Configuring a warning using a shell script
Date: Fri, 2 May 2014 16:01:02 -0500

I'm trying to configure a simple warning using a bash script.
I used the example at the bottom of this page as a starting

My bash script outputs an exit status:

exit $number

I've run the script manually (it's mode 777), and it outputs nothing, but
has an exit status that is non-zero.

Then in my monitrc file,  I have:

check program CheckQueueSize with path "/var/opt/"
     if status > 5 then alert

In M/Monit, it shows Program "CheckQueueSize" with status "Status ok" with 0 Events and the light is green.

However, when I run the shell script manually, it always outputs numbers greater than 5. 

Is the shell script not being executed?  Or is M/Monit just not warning me? I'm confused.


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