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Re: [monit] M/Monit can't connect to host

From: Kristian Van Der Vliet
Subject: Re: [monit] M/Monit can't connect to host
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 15:46:59 +0100
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On 23/06/10 14:44, Martin Pala wrote:
Hello Kristian,

M/Monit caches the whole host entry including credentials to offload
the database - it is possible to set the credentials using SQL
> directly, but it should be done this way to keep the cache consistent:

1.) stop M/Monit
2.) run sql statements
3.) start M/Monit

Note: on stop M/Monit syncs the cache content to database so if you  > did the 
sql statement before stopping M/Monit, it will overwrite the
> entries back to correspond to cache content

Thanks, that worked. However it does mean I can't use a simple trigger to automatically populate the uname & password when a host is added. Is there any way to set the default credentials that M/Monit will use for a new host, or any way to disable the cache so that I can use a trigger?

Kristian Van Der Vliet

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