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[monit] M/Monit can't connect to host

From: Kristian Van Der Vliet
Subject: [monit] M/Monit can't connect to host
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 14:05:47 +0100
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I've recently re-installed our M/Monit instance on a new host and after our approximately 250 host re-registered with M/Monit I've found that M/Monit insists it can not connect to the host: if I select a host on the Status page I get

"Cannot connect to Monit -- Invalid username or password
Please check latest events for the host and host configuration."

O.K, fine, when the host registered itself it naturally left the username & password blank. Given that I have ~250 hosts and don't fancy configuring the passwords via. my web browser for each one, I thought it'd be a nice and easy job to run a quick MySQL query to set the passwords:

UPDATE `hosts` SET uname="admin",password="<password>";

except this didn't work. The correct username and password are now set in the database, but M/Monit insists it can't connect to the host. If I bite the bullet and go to the "Edit Host" page, and set the same username and password there, it'll work. However I can't see what M/Monit does that I haven't already done via. the SQL query!

I'm sure I'm missing something here. Are there any additional fields I need to change or add in the database? Is there some magic incantation I have to perform to get M/Monit to read the username & password that's already in the database?

Yes I could set the username & password manually, but not for ~250 hosts...

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Kristian Van Der Vliet

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