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[monit] Monitoring with ICMP

From: Derek
Subject: [monit] Monitoring with ICMP
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 20:16:26 +1300
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Hi All,

First of all great work monit has come in very handy in our environment.

Just found a server had gone offline in our environment today and we did not get an alert.  We only had an ICMP 'check host' for it's IP in this case, the networking failed and it slipped through our monitoring.

I can't seem to see why and I can recreate the issue with other IP's/networks, can any one comment or see an issue with the below?

check host xx.xx.xx.xx with address xx.xx.xx.xx
if failed icmp type echo with timeout 4 seconds then alert

/usr/sbin/monit -V
This is monit version 4.10.1

Debian Lenny 5.0 and the standard repository package

I can appreciate there may be other variables involved that could cause this but it seems to be the only check monit performs that I have seen get missed like this.

Your help is much appreciated


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