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Re: [monit] Aborting monit on failure

From: Stephan-Frank Henry
Subject: Re: [monit] Aborting monit on failure
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 2009 16:04:49 +0200

> Stephan-Frank Henry a écrit :
> >> Eric Pailleau wrote:
> >> (Sorry this discussion is not 'monit related')
> >> <snip>
> > 
> > Sounds interesting. Do you know of any online resources (besides the
> DRBD hp)?
> > Or do I need to hire you as a consultant? :D
> Eric Pailleau wrote:
> I'm cheap :>)

good to hear. :D

> > (back on topic)

> One remark about postgresql monitoring :
> It is safer to monitor postgresql UNIX socket instead of TCP/IP socket,
> because an ethernet card fails (or IP stack full by an attack) more offens
> than a disk failure.
> You can monitor also TCP/IP socket but only when several (at least 2)
> cycles are failing.

But a Unix socket will only work on the local machine. I have to monitor a 
remote machine.
> > 1. why is it trying to restart the log file ... ?
> Because file does not exists and it is an error that should do a start
> command ... (if I read well the log)

Ok, so it is something I have to live with.
But is there a check for something like this, i.e. if file does not exist then 

> > 2. Is there an issue with rights? I am running the script that sets
> everything up and starts monit with root rights. Is that enough?
> Be carefull : monit launch script with a basic environnement (be carefull
> to have right environnement variables : use 'env ...'
> or source an environnement script in beginning of your script .)
> (Obviously script must be chmod +x :>þ )

What env vars would that be?

I would not even know how to change it if I do not even see the exec script 
being executed.
The 2nd line (after #!/bin/sh) is echo "executing " >> monit.log 
but nothing gets printed.

This is my biggest issue atm:
The scripts I have defined are not being executed.
Even with a slony log but a disabled remotely running postgres nothing is 
Only when I externally shut down monit.

> be care also that postgresql refuse to start as root (I don't know the
> content of your script, but ...)

I do not need to start postgresql as I am only monitoring it on a remote system 
to detect when it has issues and if so, I want to do a failover.

> > 
> > 3. Is there any way to define something like 'if failed exec ''
> then unmonitor.
> I'm afraid not... but Martin can certainly be more precise.
ok, thanks.

> > Would compiling 5.0.3 help?
> monit 5.0 and higher have more interesting syntax in config.
hmm, maybe I can find a debian deb for it.

> Hope it can help.


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