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Re: [monit] Aborting monit on failure

From: Stephan-Frank Henry
Subject: Re: [monit] Aborting monit on failure
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 2009 11:41:20 +0200

> > 
> > The is basically just a wrapper around a group of other
> scripts I want to execute at runtime:
> > Stop slony (PostgreSQL replication system), failover the database and
> then stop monit or at least make sure it does not monitor anything anymore. I
> would not like for the master db to come back up and cause my system to go
> crazy on me. :)
> Eric Pailleau wrote:
> Don't use Slony... Prefere DRBD + Heartbeat  :>)))))))))))

I had looked into it but it looked as if it would not fit the crazy 
'requirements' provided. 'we want high availability but only using two servers 
*for everything* .. i.e. 1 server = appserver + db, for HA we will just add 
another server and they should automagically find themselves and whatnot ... 
but o/c it should not cost anything to add HA.
... and they wonder why I am slowly going mad. ;)

As time is/was short and slony looked like it would work well enough, I chose 

The problem is, slony does not do the automatic failover thing so I took monit 
to solve this.

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