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Re: monit 4.7 and check file existence

From: Franklin Ankum
Subject: Re: monit 4.7 and check file existence
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 07:43:57 +0100

On 12. jan. 2006, at 20.48, P Holdaway wrote:

Monit 4.7 now requires the existence of a check file argument for a valid
syntax check?

Yes and the same test is also added for check-directory and check-fifo.

This then prevents monit running, and means the syntax of monitrc is
dependant on the run time environment.

Seems nasty.

Hmm I haven't thought about it like that. This was meant to be an extra check at startup to avoid a string of alerts at runtime if the file is not a file or not there. Mind that should the file disappear when monit is running you will get error alerts as usual and monit will of course not stop. This test is just done at startup.

Since your bring this up, I can see (now) a problem in cases such as if monit is automatically started at boot time you will want monit to start no matter what and that a missing file should not be a show- stopper.

Should we remove this extra test, what do others think?

I agree with Peter,

none running Processes aren't checked to prevent monit from running.
How would i check for core dumps, they will most likely not exist when everything is well
and i would like an alert and do some action as soon as such a file exists.

Regards Franklin

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