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Re: Basic q's abt monit 4.5.1

From: anuj agrawal
Subject: Re: Basic q's abt monit 4.5.1
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 05:57:21 +0100 (BST)

Hi Martin,

Thanks again for the help extended by u...i really
appreciate this.

Regarding the reply....

I am talking abt a situation in which suppose the
process is running and monit is monitoring i
try to restart the process through monit GUI by
pressing the "restart" button provided.In this case
whats the sequence of events which happen??

This is the situation where im facing u
already know that my application doesnt generate a pid
file...i had manually created one for monit to
recognise it...hence it could monitor it easily...but
now when i try to restart the process through monit it
gives "execution failed".

I know that appending a line such as "pgrep myprocess
> ..." to the application code would do..but for some
reasons i cant do it now.

Does monit look for the pid file first and then goes
on to execute the "start" method...or it does the
"start" and then the new pid is placed in the already
existing pid file?

In short does monit have the capability to start a
process through itself when the user presses the
"start" button given that it doesnt have the pid of
the process??

--- Martin Pala <address@hidden> wrote:

> anuj agrawal wrote:
> > Another basic doubt....
> > 
> > MONIT wants the pid file(hence the pid of the
> process)
> > of the process which it wants to restart.Now, the
> pid
> > of the process is only generated when the process
> is
> > up and running...hence if the process is already
> up
> > then how does MONIT take the credit of starting
> the
> > process???
> If monit starts the process monitoring and the
> process referred to by 
> the pidfile is already running, then monit will
> detect it and will not 
> try to restart it.
> In the case that the process pidfile changed between
> testing cycles and 
> the process is realy running under new pid (for
> example because you 
> restarted the service by hand), then monit will
> detect the change, send 
> 'pid changed' alert and continue to monitor the
> process (it will not try 
> to restart it in the case that all tests passed).
> Martin
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