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Re: Basic q's abt monit 4.5.1

From: Christian Kowarzik
Subject: Re: Basic q's abt monit 4.5.1
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 13:31:00 +0200
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Hi Anuj,

anuj agrawal wrote:
Hello all,

Well for my intro i am a newbie in the world of MONIT
and  hence facing some difficulties using it.

I am using monit 4.5.1 to monitor a certain server
which is written in java. When the server is up there
is no pid file generated by it hence i wrote my own
pid file and i wrote the pid of the server process in

Once this was done i made an emtry in the monitrc file
placed in /etc as:

check process server with pidfile /var/run/
      start = "............"
      stop  = "............"

after doing this i started the monit web interface in
which it was easily recognising and monitoring the
process "server".It showed the status as running and
all the required information was correctly displayed.

Now,i pressed the "stop" button and hence the process
was successfully stopped.

Now comes the problem , when i try to start the server
through monit it doesnt and shows "execution failed".

Questions i have are:

1) When starting a service how does monit come to know
the pid of the process???
by looking in the pid file you specified in the monit.conf like in
'check process server with pidfile /var/run/'

2) Does monit itself places the pid of the started
process in the pid file??(i.e. updates the pidfile)
no, the proccess you started itself is responsible for placing its pid in the pidfile - or your startup script if the proccess itself is not able to do so

Eagerly awaiting replies.




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